We all know that Kai Sotto might be the first pure Filipino basketball player that could be drafted in the NBA because of his height, skills and basketball IQ that already showcased in the courts of amateur basketball leagues in the United States. His pedigree comes from his dad, Ervin Sotto, a former professional basketball player in the Philippines.

Certainly, Kai Sotto will be a big part of the next Gilas Pilipinas program and it will be exciting to see some new faces for the program including Fil-Am athletes competing in international scene especially in the USA. That includes NBA player Jordan Clarkson, AJ Edu, Jalen Green, Remy Martin and upcoming prospects in the NBA like Sage Tolentino. Jalen Green and Remy Martin were the least to expect in the program as they have to show their interest in playing for the national team and make a move on it if they want to. I’d like to share my Gilas Pilipinas Dream Team lineup for the next international competitions beyond year 2020.

Starting Lineup:
C – Kai Sotto
PF – AJ Edu
SF – Jalen Green
SG – Jordan Clarkson
PG – Remy Martin

Sage Tolentino
Kobe Paras
Ricci Rivero
Dave Ildefonso
Dalph Panopio
*Veteran PBA Player – probably Forward / Center position
*Naturalized Player – probably Forward / Center position

Kai Sotto and AJ Edu twin tower prospects for Gilas is a surefire tandem as they were already paired for FIBA U19 World Cup and a reserve Sage Tolentino to took some minutes for Kai Sotto and keep him fresh for the next game. This will be the first time that we produced a natural 7 footers for our team and doesn’t need to import some height from former NBA players to compete internationally.

Veteran Jordan Clarkson, a veteran PBA player, and naturalized player will be enough to provide some leadership in an up and coming Gilas team. I picked a lot of younger players to provide energy on the court especially when we play other countries who like to go in transition on every basket they have. Three pointers must be developed on this class as they are young enough to develop outside shooting and achieve their highest potential inside the court. AJ Edu and Kai Sotto showed some of this trait in their stint in FIBA U19.

Remy Martin, Dalph Panopio, Jordan Clarkson, Ricci Rivero are considered as top guard prospects for Gilas program and they are equipped with experience in international scene and know how to push the ball in transition and finish inside the paint.

Forward Prospects – Jalen Green, Kobe Paras, and Dave Ildefonso will serve as the wing players and must be reliable three pointers, scorers and defenders among the best scorers the world has to offer. Jalen Green being the top #1 prospect for 2021 NBA draft must live on his hype and lead the charge on scoring for Gilas.

Anyhow, Kai Sotto and Jalen Green are the key players for us Philippines to compete for Olympics and FIBA World Cup and get some basketball reputation for our country.

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